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Entrainment takes an integral approach to understand the emergence of humanity and human systems.  Our approach to service delivery reflects a worldview that is salutogenic and people-centered.  It is work that has heart and meaning and is guided by two ethical principles:
Ethical Principles
Self-determination - each system (individual, group, or organization) is responsible for its own existence and directs that existence by its decisions and actions.
Community responsibility - the people in a community, not its institutional surrogates, are accountable for
nurturing and protecting those in its midst as part of the social contract between a society/group/organization and its members/inhabitants
and two standards of behavior:
Standards of Behavior
Respect for autonomy  - every person’s inalienable right and freedom to be the individual he or she decides to be must be respected
Principled Action -behave congruently with your espoused values, and be ultimately concerned with what is right and secondarily with what is effective. Walk your talk!

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