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Getting In Step to Achieve Excellence

Living organisms have internal mechanisms and processes that are rhythmical. These internal mechanisms and processes, including cognitions, behaviors, emotions, and neurological systems interact with and respond to environmental forces sometimes resulting in the organism being out of step with its own processes and espoused values, and in need of realignment. When there is misalignment, the result is low performance, low productivity, and dis-ease. Conversely, alignment produces high performance, improved productivity, and a sense of well-being. We assist our clients with entrainment -getting back in step. Functioning as: consultants, educators, and/or facilitators, we are catalysts for change. We treat all systems with respect and caring and hold a fundamental belief in a system’s capacity for change and/or healing. Our goal is to assist with systemic realignment by teaching and practicing principles and techniques to restore balance and to build capacity for staying in step.

This video demonstrates the entrainment process.  Notice that in the beginning the elements are aligned and moving together. In time, the elements no longer move in sync.  The system is in chaos and is unproductive or dysregulated.  Eventually, after pain and suffering or unproductivity, if there is no interference,  the system will realign on its own. In human systems interference is inevitable both internal processes and environmental factors interfer with realignment/entrainment.  Entrainment Counseling can help with the realignment.

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